Environmentally-Friendly Boxes

Eco Moving Box - Small

Small Boxes

1.5 Cu. Ft.
16” x 12” x 12”
The perfect solution for packing books, magazines, DVDs, cleaning supplies and knick-knacks.

Eco Moving Box - Medium

Medium Boxes

3.0 Cu. Ft.
18” x 18” x 16”
Our most versatile box! Ideal for photo albums, books, toys and kitchen items.

Eco Moving Box - Large

Large Boxes

4.5 Cu. Ft.
18” x 18” x 24”
Perfect for packing lighter items in a variety of sizes, like blankets, pillows, towels, kitchen appliances and lamps.

Eco Dish Packs

Dish Packs

5.0 Cu. Ft.
18” x 18” x 27”
Protect fragile items with our more durable cardboard boxes, perfect for glasses and dishware.

Eco Wardrobe

Wardrobe Boxes

20” x 20” x 45”
The easiest way to transport clothes. Take items out of the closet and hang them directly into one of our convenient wardrobe boxes.



16” x 26” x 12”
Our reusable, zero-waste Eco-Totes help conserve our environment while helping you move your items effectively and efficiently.

Other Supplies We Offer:

Packing Paper
Our 10 lbs. rolls will help you pack almost anything, without leaving behind smears or stains like newspapers and magazines can.

Storage Pads
These blanket-like pads protect furniture from scratches and scuff marks.

Floor Runners
Protect your carpeting and flooring from damage while moving with these disposable floor runners.

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