How to Protect Your Furniture During Your Next Move

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Any time you are moving your belongings, there is always a concern that items will be damaged, broken or misplaced during the move process.  The following provides a few valuable tips for how you can ensure your furniture is protected during your next move. 

Make Sure You Have an Abundance of Packing Supplies

A common reason why items are damaged during a move is because they were not sufficiently packed with proper the proper packing supplies that ensure that the small bumps and dings that can happen while items are in transit will not cause any damage to your items.

If you plan to pack your items yourself, be sure to not only acquire enough boxes for your items, but also make sure that you have acquired proper padding, such as rolls of bubble wrap, that can serve as a shock absorber for your fragile items during a move. 

For a stress-free moving experience, you can rely on professional packing and crating services from companies like Movegreen that will ensure that every item is carefully packed and properly padded.  One additional advantage of using a professional packing service is that you do not need to worry about buying the exact correct amount of moving boxes, padding, bubble wrap, tape and other supplies that you won’t have much use for after the move.  By using the pros to pack your valuables, you can be sure that plenty of high-quality packing materials are utilized to keep your items safe. 

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Break Down Furniture If You Can

To make things easier, lighter, and more manageable, breaking down your furniture before packing it up is a great idea. Disassembling things like dining tables, chairs, beds, and other large items not only makes it easier to move them out of your old house and into a new one, but it also makes packing them into the moving truck much easier as well.  Further, you can typically provide more thorough padding and better protection for valuable furniture pieces when they are broken down and wrapped as individual components rather than packed as one large item.

While it may seem like more work having to disassemble, individually pack, and reassemble each piece, knowing that you are going to keep your furniture better protected is worth the extra time you will spend beforehand. Breaking down furniture before, and reassembling furniture after a move, is another service that high quality professional movers can provide to make your packing, moving and unpacking process easier. 

Get Familiar with the Best Practices of Wrapping Furniture

One of the best things that you can do to protect your furniture in a move is to wrap each piece individually. While it may seem like an easy task, there are a few things that you need to remember when you get to this step.

Simply wrapping your furniture with packing paper isn’t going to protect it much in the event that your items take a fall or have something fall on it during the move.  Using high-quality and durable packing and padding materials, such as bubble wrap, packing blankets, specialized item boxes, and more will ensure that your items are safe and secure during the move. 

Get Your Furniture Ready to Be Packed

While you are disassembling your heavy furniture during the packing process, this is often a great time to thoroughly clean and repair your furniture.  Many larger furniture pieces can accumulate dust and grime in hard-to-reach places, such as underneath or behind larger pieces, and nobody wants to bring dirt and grime from their prior residence to their new home. 

A thorough cleaning during the packing process will not only ensure that you are not bringing unwanted dirt with you during your move, but it will also streamline your unpacking process as your furniture will be clean, repaired, and ready to go once they reach your new destination.

Plan the Placement of Furniture in the Moving Truck

Anyone who has tried to load a moving truck on their own has probably found that it started out easy – put the heavy items on the bottom and the light items on top – but once you have a fairly full truck, finding a spot for your valuable items can often turn into a very difficult real-life 3-D game of Tetris.

We recommend creating a fairly detailed plan for how you envision your heavy furniture fitting into the truck before you start loading the truck.  By measuring the space in the truck and measuring the dimensions of your largest items, you can then create a simple floor plan of how the items will best fit within the truck.

Of course loading a moving truck properly is a real art form that can only be perfected through the experience of having loaded and unloaded many moving trucks.  If the thought of loading your own moving truck is daunting, and you are concerned about keeping your items safe and protected while in-transit, you may want to leave the loading to the professionals by hiring a moving company like Movegreen that has experience with all types and sizes of moves.