Summer moving tips

Summer Moving Tips for a Stress-Free Move

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Making a move to a new house, condo or apartment is an exciting event at any time of year. You’ll be looking forward to the prospect of a new place where you’ll make new memories with family and friends. Even though moving can be stressful, it can be a joyous milestone in anyone’s life.

What you need to do to prepare for the big move differs from season to season. If you’re moving during the summer, which is typically the most popular time to move, there are certain things you can do to streamline the process and avoid potential stress.

Here you’ll find a complete list of helpful summer moving tips for moving during the hotter months.

Start Early

It’s always a good idea to start the moving process as early in the morning as possible, especially during the hotter summer months. By doing so, you’ll hopefully avoid the most intense heat of the afternoon.

Also, using an experienced and professional moving company like Movegreen allows you to schedule your move earlier in the morning which gives you more time to finish the move and start unpacking.

Using professional movers is a good way to ensure that your move will be completed quickly and will not drag on for multiple hot summer days.

Bring Lots of Water

Depending on where you live, the summer season can get hot. Drinking water is essential while doing any physical activity, and it’s especially critical while working in higher temperatures.

Avoid overheating by bringing a surplus of water or other hydrating drinks. You may want to pack a small cooler to keep your drinks cold if your electricity isn’t turned on yet to use the refrigerator.

Make sure to actively take time for a water break every half hour or so. Your body will thank you.

Wear Sunscreen

You might not think to apply sunscreen for moving day since you’re taking your belongings to an indoor setting. However, think about the amount of time you’ll spend outside unloading the moving truck and taking furniture inside. It’s easy to get sunburned without realizing it.

You should apply sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 and reapply as needed. You won’t want to spend your first days in your new home burnt to a crisp, so make sure not to skip this tip.

Wear Appropriate Clothing

Moving day is no fashion show. You’ll likely get hot and sweaty while moving during the summer months. Thus, wearing the right clothing for the day is essential.

Stick with light colors and short-sleeved shirts along with comfortable shorts or lightweight pants. Put on a hat to protect your face from the sun.

Though sandals can be tempting during summer, it’s a better idea to opt for a pair of comfy, durable sneakers. You’ll be doing a lot of walking, potentially upstairs, so comfortable shoes are a must.

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Pack in Advance

Don’t wait until the last minute to pack up your belongings. Ideally, you should have almost everything in boxes by the day you’re moving out.

If you dread the thought of taking the time to pack all your belongings, find a moving company that also has experience in packing and crating services.  This is particularly beneficial if you have many large or fragile items that require extra care during the move.

Some packing tips to remember:

  • Sort items by category
  • Utilize packing supplies like peanuts and quality tape
  • Cushion fragile items
  • Don’t overfill boxes
  • Use a variety of box sizes for items of different sizes/weights

You can also prepare yourself a “first night box” filled with essentials like pajamas, clothes for the next day, and a toothbrush. This way, you won’t have to go through larger boxes to get what you need after a long day of moving.

Try to Avoid Peak Days

A huge number of people move during holiday weekends, as well as weekends in general. If you’re able, try not to schedule your move on these days.

Holidays often have the most street traffic, which can be frustrating when you are eager to get to your new location.  If you are moving too or from a busy urban area, the busiest move days can be harder to find parking, particularly for a moving truck.

Further, if you’re looking to hire professional movers, you will often find more availability for weekday moves.  It is always recommended to contact moving companies as far in advance as possible, particularly during summer months, to ensure you can book a day that works best for you.

Protect Your Belongings

Some items won’t last in the heat. If you know you have belongings that can melt or will be otherwise damaged from high temperatures, put these items in a separate box and ensure to move that box inside first.

If you only have a few things that heat can damage, you can even keep them with you in your car or a backpack to make sure they won’t overheat in the moving truck.

Some items that can be sensitive to heat:

  • Electronics (televisions, gaming systems)
  • Music items (vinyl records, CDs)
  • Candles
  • Some furniture (it can dry out or crack in excessive heat)
  • Plants
  • Perishable foods

Make sure to label your boxes and ensure that these items are moved inside to cooler temperatures as quickly as possible.

Keep Pets Crated

If you have any pets, you should keep them in their cage or crate during moving day. It’s also a good idea to move them inside as soon as you can to protect them from high temperatures.

While you’re moving your belongings, keep your pets in an enclosed area where they’ll be safe from dropped boxes or tipped-over furniture.

If you’re worried about leaving your pet in a crate for too long, you may be able to ask a friend or family member to watch your pet for the day. Alternatively, if you already have a pet daycare, you can drop them off there until you’re done moving.

Take Breaks

Summer temperatures can exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer. This makes it even more important to take breaks while moving during these times. Take a few minutes to sit down every hour or so and rest your body from carrying large items.

Bringing snacks is also vital for moving day. You don’t want to be left without any fuel to keep you “moving.”

Some easy, portable snack ideas:

  • Granola bars
  • Bananas
  • Crackers
  • PB&J

Ask Friends and Family to Help

Don’t be afraid to ask friends or family members to help you pack, move and unpack. They’ll likely be more than happy to assist you, so long as you’d do the same for them in the future.

Make sure and request help at least a couple of weeks in advance so your friends and family have enough time to plan ahead. It’s also nice to treat them to lunch or dinner once you’re done moving all of your stuff.

Bring Portable Fans

If your electricity isn’t on yet, temperatures can get high in your new home. You can avoid overheating by bringing a portable fan or two with you on moving day. You can find these at stores like Target or Walmart for under $10.

Finally, Don’t Get Stressed!

You don’t want to stress yourself out too much on moving day, though it can be a little overwhelming. To avoid stress and anxiety, just think about how happy you’ll be in your new place and how great it’ll feel to finish everything at the end of the day.

Also, don’t feel obligated to unpack and find a spot for everything immediately. You can simply move all of your boxes and large furniture items on your first day home and leave it at that until tomorrow.

Additionally, getting expert help from a professional team like Movegreen can be a major stress reducer.  Letting professionals pack, move and unpack your items allows you to be a little more relaxed during what is often a stressful time.

Wherever you’re moving during the summer, practice these tips and make your move as easy as possible.  With the right planning and organization, your moving experience can be a breeze (which we hope there will be on a hot summer day).

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