Tips For An Easy Move

Tips for an Easy Move

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Let’s face it: moving is a harrowing, stressful process. You’ve got to pack everything safely and securely, live without most of your stuff for at least a short period of time, and then figure out where it all goes once you’re in your new home. If you’re like most people, you’re dreading getting started.

You don’t have to worry! With the right approach, moving can be a relatively easy process that will allow you to get organized, declutter, and optimize the use of your new living space. Follow these ten tips to streamline the packing and moving process and make your move as stress-free as possible. Movegreen is an experienced professional moving company that can help to ensure that your move is pain-free, quick, and easy.

1. Start Early

Trying to cram everything into boxes the night before the big move is a recipe for disaster. Chances are you won’t have enough time, you won’t have enough boxes, and you’ll find yourself waking up on moving day with stuff everywhere and movers who are standing around getting paid for doing nothing because your stuff still isn’t ready to go. Don’t let this be you!

2. Take This Opportunity to Declutter

Because you started early, you’ve got time to do things the right way. Every item you don’t pack is an item you aren’t paying the moving company to haul and an item that you don’t have to unpack and find space for in your new home. Take this opportunity to get rid of things you don’t need. You can even benefit financially: you can sell stuff you don’t need online, and if you meet other eligibility requirements, you may be able to donate items to charity and get a tax deduction.

3. Find a Professional and Experienced Moving Company like Movegreen

Sure, you could pay some college kids a few bucks to haul your stuff. What will happen if there is an accident or something gets broken? When people are hauling heavy loads, accidents can happen. A reputable moving company, like Movegreen, can make all the difference in the world.  Make sure you use professional movers that are licensed, bonded, and insured so that you are protected if anything is damaged during the move.  Also, experienced moving companies like Movegreen will offer free estimates so that you can easily find out the cost of your move.

4. Make A List and Check It Twice

Any time you move, you will have dozens of things to do, with new things popping up like weeds along the way. You will forget most of it if you don’t write it down. Make a list with two categories: “things that need doing” and “things not to forget.” The first is obvious; write down everything you have to do, from confirming the moving date and time with the movers to cancelling or transferring the utilities. The second may be less obvious, but will be a huge help. You’re unlikely to remember that you stuck the hardware to the bed in the tool kit with the screwdrivers, or that your child’s favorite toy got stuck in a box with the toiletries because it had a bit of extra space. Write it all down and check your lists frequently during and after the move to make sure you’re not forgetting anything.

5. Get More Moving Supplies than You Think You Need, and Keep Your Receipts

Make a list (see last tip) of all the moving materials you think you’ll need, then buy extra of everything. And save your receipt(s). It is far easier to have extra unopened packing materials you don’t use that can be returned in one quick trip than to make multiple journeys to the store because you keep forgetting stuff you need.

Packing and Moving Necessities

Movegreen Bonus Tip: a short list of packing and moving necessities:

– Boxes of different sizes (contact Movegreen to use our eco-friendly boxes)

– Heavy-duty packing tape (duct tape and masking tape don’t work well on cardboard!)

– Screwdrivers

– Bubble wrap

– Paper or foam (to wrap around glass and other fragile items)

– Moving blankets for large, fragile items

– Retractable knife

– Large markers (for labelling boxes)

6. Pack Some Things Early

You can live without most of your books for a few weeks. The same goes with holiday decorations, decorative items, off-season clothes, kitchen items you use only occasionally, and anything else that isn’t a daily must-have. When you’re running around frantically days before your move, trying to get everything done, you’ll be glad you were proactive and got some of your stuff ready for the movers early.

7. Pack Heavy Things in Small Boxes

Heavy Boxes

If you’ve ever tried to haul a giant box of books up a flight of stairs, you’ll understand why you want small, easily portable boxes for your heaviest items.

8. Pack an Overnight Bag for Moving Day

It is almost guaranteed that you will find yourself missing some vital personal hygiene item on your first day in your new house because you forget where you packed it among one of your dozens of boxes. Pack an overnight back with basic toiletries, medications, and a couple of changes of clothes. You will get sweaty and want to change!


9. Make Sure You Discuss Fragile or Specialty Items with Your Movegreen Movers

Did you know that the interior well of most washing machines is spring-mounted for shock absorption, and that improperly securing the washing machine during the move can throw off the calibration of the well, leading to unbalanced laundry loads and, eventually, a broken washing machine? You probably haven’t thought about that. Movegreen has the experience and materials necessary to move specialty items. This includes not only washing machines but also art, fragile electronics, delicate items, pianos, and some furniture. If your rocking chair squeaks after your move when it didn’t before, you’ll wish you’d hired a moving company like Movegreen whose employees treated your stuff as if it were their own.

10. Prioritize Your Belongings on Moving Day

If there are boxes of things you know you’ll need as soon as you arrive at your new place, such as cleaning supplies, toiletries and bed sheets, set those boxes aside and make sure your movers know to load those items last (remember: the last things in the moving truck are the first things out).


Hopefully these tips will make your moving experience a lot more enjoyable. You can always count on Movegreen when moving anywhere throughout Southern California.  Our Santa Barbara Movers will definitely help you. Next to Santa Barbara, we also have locations in Ventura County and Orange County.   Contact us today to book the best professional, fast, reliable and eco-friendly movers for your next move.